Large Injection Mold Tooling in 5 Weeks

VMW builds the tooling for a large range of injection molding machines ranging in size from 100 ton to the higher tonnage tools up to 2,500 ton mold sizes. Injection molded parts can be as large as 60″ x 60″. We specialize in large tonnage injection mold tools with or without hot runner systems.

Injection Mold Materials

Large Injection Molded Parts Tooling

High Tonnage Injection Molded Part Tooling

Large Steel Injection Molds

VMW produces many large injection molds from tool steel, P20, H13, S7, and other proven injection molding materials. These mold materials allow for durability and an excellent machining characteristic that provides a high quality mold that will serve our customers well for the life of high volume production programs.

Steel materials also have excellent grain retention for parts that require texture or grain on the molded part surface. Steel molds have long been the industry standard for injection molded parts and have a proven track record to maintain part quality for high volume projects that may have a long life span. Many molds have lifters and or slides that produce complex part geometries for the many different industries and diverse product range VMW supplies services

Large Aluminum Injection Molds

Can aluminum materials be used for a production injection mold? Absolutely. There have been great advances in the characteristics of aluminum materials over the past few years such as 7075 and QC 10 which are being used with more frequency for prototype and production injection molds. These materials can be hard coated to increase wear resistance for abrasive materials such as glass filled nylon and other injection plastic materials as well.

Dependent on part geometry and EAU of the product aluminum can be an excellent choice for your injection mold project. An aluminum mold with proper coating technology can be a much less expensive mold alternative that can provide the same high quality product as a steel mold. Cycle times can actually be decreased as a result of the aluminum mold materials excellent ability to maintain and dissipate heat from the thermal reaction taking place during the molding process. Overall mold timing can be greatly decreased when manufacturing injection molds from aluminum as well. VMW reviews each project taking a global view on your program to suggest the mold type and material that will best serve your program.

For smaller sized Aluminum Tooling projects that require tight lead times, VMW recommends Phoenix Proto Technology. They specialize in up to 300 ton sized Aluminum Tooling for injection molded parts – 3 weeks or Less.

What Mold Material Should I Choose for My Project

With careful review of the part geometry, volume requirements, and material type, VMW can quickly provide the best mold material fit for your project. Aluminum and steel injection molds can have their own distinct advantages dependent on a variety of factors. These factors are carefully reviewed to insure the right mold style and the right mold materials are properly engineered for each and every VMW built injection mold project.

When Should You Choose the Injection Molding Process?

Injection molding is an excellent process choice when a high volume of parts may be needed. The rapid cycle times that can be achieved with the injection molding process allows for a very competitive part cost over competing processes. In addition, the injection molding process allows thin cross sections to be achieved with complex part geometries as well. Injection molding can also offer a vast array of material types for nearly any application. ABS, Acetal, Nylon, PET, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPE are just a few materials that are readily available to meet your specific application for the injection molding process.

Large Tonnage Injection Mold Tooling

VMW builds many injection molds throughout the year for a large range of injection molding machines ranging in size from 100 ton to 2,500 ton. Each mold has its own unique runner system and material introduction into the mold cavity.

VMW manufactures its own hot runner manifolds that are uniquely designed for each specific project. Mold flow analysis is a key to insuring accurate part fill, cycle times and proper molding pressures are understood and engineered into each mold VMW designs. Many molds have lifters and or slides that produce complex part geometries for the many different industries and diverse product range EPW supplies services.

Bring us your prints, Cad data or part concept and VMW will carefully review your project to insure the right mold with the right material are properly engineered into you project to insure it is successful.

Knowledgeable Injection Molding Design Staff

VMW has many key injection mold designers, mold makers, and technicians that have served the injection molding industry for many years. With the challenges of off shore pricing pressures and deteriorating lead times, VMW has met each new challenge of today’s injection molding world. VMW has depended on its high speed machining, cutter technology and high spindle RPM to stay ahead of its competition. The plant has commissioned three new CNC machining centers in early 2012 to enhance overall plant throughput and aid in its machining efficiencies.

Although product material types, mold sizes, and cavity quantity vary greatly, the strong fundamentals of injection mold making that VMW possesses remains constant. Engineering and mold design are definitely key facets of a successful mold launch. VMW offers part design guidance to its customers to insure moldability and manufacturing feasibility.